Oil Paintings – Available at Palms Gallery in Kauai

Below are some of Mary's most recent paintings available exclusively at the Palms Gallery in Kauai. If you are interested in viewing or purchasing any of these magnificent artworks, you may contact the gallery directly.

Palms Gallery - Kauai

The Shops of Kukui'ula
2829 Ala Kalanikaumaka Street, Suite C123
Poipu, HI 96756

Sizes are listed. Pricing is available from the Palms Gallery on request.

Mary sometimes enjoys painting a SERIES of paintings. An example is her TUNNEL SERIES paintings (seen on this page, below). Here is how Mary describes this process:

“I love creating similar versions of my favorite subject in a series. This allows me to play with different artistic elements (light, emphasis, color, harmonies, etc.) within the same motif. My Kauai Tree Tunnel series is an excellent example of this practice.” –Mary Pettis

  • "The mastery in Mary's work is a collector's dream come true."

    Palms Gallery